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Short courses designed to offer beginners a taste of clay (not literally though, don't worry, we're not that nutty) with guided hand-building techniques in each 4-week cycle. Taught by our wonderful teacher, Michelle on Tuesday evenings. The techniques are limited to what is taught in the course but what you can make is endless.

Course schedule 2019


Tuesday evening: 19h00 - 21h30


pinching & coiling: 30 July - 20 August
slab building : 27 August - 17 September
Tea set: 8 - 29 Oct
Decorating: 5 - 26 Nov

Students commit to coming to all the classes in the 4-week course. Please check dates carefully as this commitment is important for learning the craft.


The fee covers basically everything; the cost of your clay, glazes, underglaze and slip paints and firing of your items. At the moment the fee is R1320 + R50 sign up fee* R1370 for some new skillz and forever handmade homeware, not bad eh?

* we know economic times are tough so we’ve reduced the sign-up fee from R250 to just only R50. This covers the admin of enroling you with the studio (so if you join the course again or sign up for a term of classes you won’t pay this again), and it covers your notes and a notebook.


Slab building short course 27 August - 17 September


What is slab building?
Slabbing is a way of hand-building using sheets/slabs of clay to create structures/forms. There are 2 kinds of ‘slabbing’.

Slabs can be made in many ways. In this course we’ll be using a rolling pin, hand throwing and a slab rollers machine.


Many potters have developed a style that uses slabs that have been freshly rolled out and are still damp. These soft slabs can be formed into lovely, flowing structures that are often reminiscent of leather. Wrapped around a cylindrical former one can make: vases, pitchers, mugs, planters and a variety of other shapes with this technique. It’s quite a quick building technique creating a canvas for the potter to concentrate more on finishing the form with surface design, decorations, or glazes


The hard-slab method is great for architectural, geometric and box forms. The slab is rolled and shaped and then allowed to dry to the leather-hard stage before joining together into final form. Great for: jewellery and incense boxes, creative planter shapes, cheese boards, sculptures…

The possibilities are endless. Slabbing is a great place to start if you’ve never worked with clay before. And a good way to advance because there’s so much to explore.

Tea set, short course 8 - 29 October


Tea set what?
We’ll spend some time looking into the rich history of Japanese tea ceremonies (chadō) and the traditions around it. You’ll learn how to make your own 2-cup teapot, 2 medium mugs and a tea strainer or milk jar. We’ll be using pinching and slabbing techniques for the construction. Beginner friendly

Decorating, short course 5 - 26 Nov


We’ll create some quick clay forms as our canvases on which to explore greenware decorating techniques: monoprinting, paper resist, inlay and we’ll go into some glazing techniques: wax resist, double dipping, brush work. All levels of experience welcome.

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