Clay Hands

Studio Guidelines


The Clay Hands studio is a safe, respectful, non-judgemental creative space to support the innate creativity within us while learning a new skill and playing freely.



Elemental Disclaimer:
We are working with the elements so patience is required when it comes to changeable weather patterns. We will do our best to always make sure your pots get through both firings safely and timeously but cannot take responsibility for any cracks, chips, broken clay items. Firing pots takes time, please be patient.

Continuing class:
Notice needs to be given at least 2-weeks before the end of term if you are not continuing the following term. Otherwise it is assumed you want to keep your spot.

Catch-up classes*:

Please take note of the following points. These guidelines apply around catch up classes in order to accommodate everyone fairly. 

• Only 2 catch-ups per term.
• Maximum 3 students per session for catch-up.
• It is up to each student to manage that catch-up class by recording it in the google calendar
• The catch-up class cannot be carried over to the next term, or refunded.
• Catch-up class can be be rescheduled but give fair warning please.
• If you miss your catch-up class you forfeit it.
• Book your catch-up class as soon as you know you are going to miss a class in order to avoid a traffic jam at the end of term. We can only accommodate so many people in a class at one time.

*At this time catch-up classes don’t apply for the Tuesday night short 4-week course.

Class refund policy

Class enrolment is limited. A waiting list is established for the following term.

A payment for the term in full is required from all students wanting to continue into the following term in order to secure their seat. This is non-refundable.

Refunds will not be issued for cancellations received less than 14 business days before the term begins unless that space can be filled. NO REFUND is issued in the event you cancel last minute or do not show up to the class.

In the event of emergency/illness if at least a weeks notice is given before term starts and there is a person on a waiting list that can fill your space a full refund will be given.

Ceramic work

Work made in the Clay Hands studio belongs to the student. Please keep record of what you are making and put your name on each item. Items without names or uncollected after 3 months will be donated or repurposed. Clay Hands cannot be held responsible for missing items, it is up to each student to keep tabs on pieces by ensuring their name is on it. If your work is not completed by the end of a term and you are not continuing to the next term you can arrange to do a drop-in class to finish work off in the next term. Items not completed or collected will be recycled or donated after 3 months.

Social Media

Let’s all try have respect for one another in the studio and how we share on social media. Please always get consent from fellow makers to share pictures of one another. The teachers at the studio will document processes but if your face or work is featured in a picture we will always get consent before sharing onto our social media timelines, and we’ll always accredit you for your creative genius. The only exception is when sharing onto a ‘story’ - which only lasts for 24hours, administrating consent for each image is beyond our capacity so we ask for blanket permission for the term. If you are not comfortable with your face or work being shared in stories on Instagram/Facebook please bring this to our attention and we will respect your boundaries.


Right of admission reserved. Clay Hands studio reserves the right to admit individuals who do not comply with these guidelines onto the premises.