Clay Hands




The studio is on main road in Woodstock, tucked away in a serene courtyard of the beautiful 196 Victoria Centre. It’s truly a place of calm amongst the chaos. 

There's lots to explore in the 196 Victoria holistic healing and creative center like yoga, art exhibitions and handmade olive oil soaps next door to my studio! Come say hi and explore. 


Behind Clay Hands: I’m Natasha Viljoen. I have a great love for creativity and nature and their merging in the process of pottery. This clay path was set before me by my mother, Lissa ( and grandmother, Valerie. I now run my own Clay Hands studio where I am dedicated to supporting the innate creativity in others through offering non-judgemental creative space for people to learn a new skill while playing freely.


Jelly bean mugs

First edition of jelly bean mugs sold out. Next edition to be released later in 2019. 〰️